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We are proud to introduce our exquisite Luxury Watch Cleaning Kit, meticulously designed for watch enthusiasts like you, who appreciate the finer details and seek to preserve the beauty of their cherished timepieces.

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What’s Included

Crafted with the utmost precision and using the finest materials, our watch cleaning kit offers a seamless combination of elegance and functionality. Each component is thoughtfully curated to address the unique needs of luxury watches, meticulously removing dirt, dust, and grime without compromising their delicate components or intricate designs.

160ml Watch Cleaning Foam
22ml Watch Pen
3Soft Brush
4Watch Drying Towel
5Watch Polishing Cloth

Elite Watch Care Essentials

Watch Drying Towel

Made from premium microfibre material, this towel is designed specifically for the delicate task of drying your cherished timepieces. Its ultra-soft and lint-free composition ensures a gentle touch, preventing any scratches or smudges while efficiently absorbing moisture.

Watch Pen

Our innovative Watch Cleaning Pen, a compact and essential tool for watch enthusiasts and collectors. This sleek, pocket-sized pen boasts a built-in soft brush and a concentrated eco-friendly cleaning solution, making it a breeze to access and revitalise those hard-to-reach areas on your timepieces.

Watch Polishing Cloth

Made from High-Quality Microfiber. Crafted to the highest standards. What sets it apart is its gentle yet effective approach, completely free from abrasives or chemicals that could harm your prized timepieces.

60ml Watch Cleaning Foam

Our watch foam is a premium solution for watch enthusiasts who demand the utmost care for their cherished timepieces. Crafted with a commitment to both luxury and sustainability, this innovative foam is meticulously formulated using only natural, eco-friendly materials, ensuring a gentle yet effective cleaning process that preserves the integrity of your valuable watches.

Soft Brush

Our Soft Brush is thoughtfully designed with gentle, fine bristles to ensure a delicate touch on your valuable watches. Whether you need to remove dust, dirt, or smudges, this soft-bristled brush is your trusted companion for precision cleaning.


How to use our kit

The instructions must be followed and proper care and attention must be used when using this product.


Remove The Watch

Remove watch from wrist and place on the “Watch Drying Towel”.


Rotate Watch Pen

Take the “Watch Pen” and remove lid. Rotate the base of the pen to put cleaning liquid into the soft bristles.


Clean all areas

Use the watch pen to clean any hard-to-reach areas such as Inside clasp, links, bezel, or any other areas dirt has built up on the watch.


Use Cleaning Foam

Take the “Watch Cleaning Foam” and give the watch 3-4 squirts until fully covered. Allow to sit on the watch for 10-20 seconds to degrease and loosen any dirt or grime.


Agitate The Dirt

Use the soft brush provided to agitate any dirt by brushing gently all over the watch.


Fully Dry Watch

Ensure watch is fully rinsed and all excess solution removed and wipe dry using the watch drying towel.


Bring Back Beauty

Once clean and dry use the “Watch Polishing cloth” to buff your timepiece to restore a beautiful original lustre.


Enjoy Your Timepiece

Place the timepiece back on your wrist and enjoy.

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    We invite you to join us on this remarkable journey of preserving the art of horology. Whether you are a seasoned collector, a passionate enthusiast, or someone who simply appreciates the elegance of a well-crafted watch, we have a watch care solution tailored just for you. Rediscover the luxury of your timepieces with us, where your watch’s care is as timeless as its design.

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    Why Choose The Luxury Watch Care Company

    Welcome to The Luxury Watch Care Company, where luxury meets care. Our journey began with a deep-rooted passion for collecting exquisite timepieces and an unwavering desire to elevate the art of watch care. In a world where luxury watches are cherished not only for their precision and craftsmanship but also for their timeless elegance, we saw an opportunity to bring a second element to the market — the art of preserving and maintaining these masterpieces.